What is this about?

This service allows Bernds to generate tokens to prove their IP address "ownership". It gives everyone the ability to post as a first-class Bernd on the Tor hidden service or behind a VPN/proxy with a real countryball!

Will it work if the registered IP address is detected as a proxy, VPN or Tor node?

It won't work if the registered IP address is detected as such. IP bans still apply, too. Please contact [email protected] for an exception if it is really your clearnet IP address.

So I simply register my IP here, receive a token for it, re-enter KC on Tor/VPN/proxy, submit the token, then post with my original countryball?


Can you explain it in detail?

Yes! Press button:

Detailed instruction

Suppose you normally use bare connection A and want to visit KC via connection B (VPN/Tor) with ip token.

1. Acquiring token

Go to kohlchan.ws via A and click Create ip token button, solve captcha. The token is created, it will last you a year but you'll have to post at least once a week with it or it'll expire.

2. Using the token

Visit KC through B via one of the links visible at the bottom after acquiring. E.g. if you use VPN you need to enable it after receiving IP token on kohlchan.ws and click the clearnet link. If you're using Tor you need to copy Tor link to the Tor browser and visit there (clearnet link should work in Tor too though).

Or you can just enter the link manually
where YOUR_IP_TOKEN is the string that's specified as the Token ID after acquiring.

If your cookies are persistent then visiting KC normally will work as if you were visiting with the IP token link specified before. If you wipe out cookies/use amnesiac system like Tails etc then you better keep the IP token link saved elsewhere and rejoin KC via the link above to reaffirm your token ownership. Or you can create another token, there is no limit to the amount of tokens per IP.
If even this is not clear enough please ask which part is hard to understand.

P.S. IP token is usable for any address. You can masquerade as anything on anything, it doesn't have to be your real IP via Tor/VPN, you can e.g. masquerade as Tor on your real IP (though you'll also be treated as on onion in this case and have to solve kohlcash and input captchas).

Create IP token

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Click the button to generate an IP Token. It will take up to one minute for Kohlchan to recognize it. Be aware that you may have to delete your other cookies first. The expiration date is always set to one year in the future, but it's possible to delete it earlier with the form below.

Delete IP token